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Super Detox.

Humans have always been exposed to toxic substances. The body has developed an enzyme system to neutralise and remove these toxins naturally. Homeovitality Super-Detox has been developed to help boost this natural toxin removal system. It does so by targeting the CYP2D6 gene.

Super Detox may be taken on a permanent basis.

What does CYP2D6 do?

Humans have always been exposed to a wide range of toxic substances, also known as xenobiotics [1]. To avoid damage by these toxins, the human body has evolved a set of enzymes that play an important role in counteracting them. The enzymes are included in the cytochrome P450 system. One of the most important members of the cytochrome P450 system is an enzyme encoded by the gene CYP2D6.

When toxins are introduced into the body, by whatever route, and enter the bloodstream, they undergo a series of enzymatic reactions which firstly renders them non-toxic. They are then chemically changed further so that they can be ultimately excreted, in the urine for example. CYP2D6 is one of the most important enzymes that play a part in the initial stages of toxin neutralisation.



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