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Homeopathic immunisation, also known as Homeoprophylaxis (HP) - is an alternative drug free approach to protect you and your family against childhood and other epidemic diseases. Homeopathic prophylactics are also provided to travellers if they are travelling into an epidemic area. The homeoprophylactic remedies do not have to be given by a practitioner; they are safe for you to use yourself.

Homeopathic immunisation is safe for all ages. It works by enhancing Vital Force of the body and provides a holistic approach for babies through to the elderly and can even be used during pregnancy. It has none of the adverse reactions or side-effects associated with vaccines, because it is DRUG FREE.

The homeoprophylactics are prepared according to safe homeopathic principles. They are free of harmful components and capable of stimulating a strong protective response from the body, and ultimately increasing its resistance to disease.

The homeoprophylactics are supplied as small, round, sugar pills that dissolve easily in the mouth. Children and adults love them as there is no unpleasant taste. When given to babies they may be first dissolved in a little water. Simple!

Homeoprophylactics for childhood diseases are each given according to a set protocol, different homeopathic practitioners have different protocols. The homeoprophylactics for travellers are taken weekly when travelling through areas of risk.

Homeopathic Immunisation in History.

Some past examples of homeopathic immunisation being used for protective purposes during serious epidemic diseases are:

  • Nurses and patients protected by homeopathic immunisation at the London Homeopathic Hospital remained disease free during a three-year period in which they were regularly exposed to diphtheria.

  • During a poliomyelitis epidemic in Buenos Aires, practitioners (homeopaths and doctors) distributed the homeopathic remedy Lathyrus sativus to over 40,000 people. Not one of the recipients developed polio during the epidemic despite repeated exposure.

  • An Indian study showed that only 6.5% of people immunised homeopathically contracted influenza compared to the 20% who had not received the preventative. Those immunised homeopathically recovered more quickly and lost significantly less working hours than those who were not.

  • The Indian government and their Public Health Centres distributed the homeopathic preventative, Belladonna, during an epidemic of Japanese encephalitis. A rapid decline in fatalities followed.

  • Records from a smallpox epidemic in Iowa, USA, show that of 2806 individuals protected homeopathically, 547 had a known exposure to the highly contagious disease. Of those, 97.5% remained disease free.

Recent Research.

Two recent meningococcal studies from Brazil (1974 and 1998) involving over 114,000 people showed that homeopathic immunisation provided 91–95% protection against meningococcal disease. The larger study was funded by the Brazilian government and conducted by a Brazilian university through its medical professors, doctors, and city officials.

Cuban medical researchers recently reported that in 2007 and 2008 they stopped their annual epidemic of Leptospirosis with homeopathic immunisation. Of the 2,500,000 people given the prophylactic only ten developed the disease, a marked contrast to the tens of thousands that are normally infected each year. In addition, no lives were lost and the program was highly cost-effective in comparison to the traditional and less effective vaccine programs.

Recent Research.
  • Homeopathic immunisation had a 90.4% efficacy against epidemic childhood diseases - a rate similar to or better than that of conventional vaccines.

  • In contrast to vaccines, homeopathic immunisation was non-toxic and safe.

The study also looked at the relationship between four different immunisation choices (homeopathic immunisation, vaccination, a mixed naturopathic approach, and nothing) and the development of chronic disease in 781 children over a 12-year period. It found that of all groups, those who had been immunised homeopathically had the lowest incidence of chronic health problems. They suffered less asthma, eczema, allergies, and behavioural issues. The sickest children came from the fully vaccinated group. On asthma alone, they had a fifteen times greater incidence of the disease than un-vaccinated children.

Benefits of Homeopathic Immunisation.
  1. Homeopathic immunisation is extremely safe. It does not poison, create addictions, or produce toxic side-effects. Chemical interactions with other medicines do not happen. Homeopathy does not harm.

  2. Instead of targeting the pathogen, bacteria or virus that causes the epidemic disease, homeopathic immunisation has its effect by naturally enhancing the 'vital force' and consequently strengthening the resistance of the individual. For this reason, pathogens can never develop a resistance to the prophylactics.

  3. Homeopathic immunisation is used against diseases for which no vaccine exists; for example, the 'B' strains of meningococcal (meningitis) disease that is responsible for most infections in countries such as Australia.

  4. Homeopathic immunisation protects when vaccines may be unsuitable, (e.g. those who have already had an adverse vaccine reaction, the malnourished, the sick and debilitated, the immune-compromised, the pregnant, those allergic to vaccine materials, and those on steroids.)

  5. Recent Australian research showed that homeopathic immunisation provided 90.4% protection against childhood infectious diseases. This figure is consistent with overseas studies. It also compares favourably with the 75-95% protection rates offered by vaccines.

  6. Homeopathic immunisation is easily distributed and dispensed. One dose usually consists of a small, round, sugar pill that is dissolved in the mouth - pleasant for all ages. It does not need needles or syringes, require refrigeration, or depend on teams of trained health workers for distribution or administration. It is clean, natural, environmental medicine at its best.

PACED therapy.

Progressive Alleviation of Childhood Ecological Diseases is a treatment method which encompasses the natural, gentle yet dynamic approach to treat the symptoms associated with any childhood disorders, acute or chronic.

PACED therapy for: PVS · Vaccine Damage · Autism · ADHD · Retarded Growth

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