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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Homeoprophylaxis (HP) a new method of immunisation?
No. The use of HP began with the Hahnemann nearly 200 years ago and subsequently has been used by some of the greatest homeopathic prescribers such as: Dr H C Allen, Dr C M F Von Boenninghausen, Dr J C Burnett, Dr J H Calake, Dr A H Grimmer, Dr J T Kent, Dr S R Phatak, Dr P Schmidt, Dr D Shepherd, and Dr M L Tyler, to name only a few. Recently Dr I Golden has conducted a first longterm research on this issue. (Vaccination & Homeoprophylaxis? - By Dr I Golden)

Does this method (HP) works?
Yes. This method does work. The fact that potentised homeopathic remedies selected using the Law of Similars, will reduce the likelihood of the patient developing the characteristic symptoms of diseases has been established over a period of two hundred years, and is well reported in homeopathic literature.

How much assurance as parents we can have if we use this method (HP) of immunisation?
Protection against targeted diseases is not certain, as is the case with both conventional vaccination and even with immunity acquired through contracting the diseases themselves. However, it has been proved through world's largest long term study of parents using this method, that level of protection is either equal or in some cases greater than conventional vaccination, and above all there is no reported damage with the use of HP programme as is the case with conventional vaccination.

Are there any side-effects with the use of HP remedies?
No. Since, there are no toxic substances introduced in the system, therefore there are no toxic reaction with the use of HP remedies. All the remedies are highly diluted and potentised, in this way chances of getting crude toxic substances is eliminated. Occasionally person with extremely sensitive constitution will react to the remedies. This is NOT a toxic reaction, it represent a clearing effect of either inherited or acquired damage by previous vaccinations, or 'layers' left by poorly managed diseases, and these reactions are mild and temporary, with no evidence of ongoing adverse reactions or lessing in overall vitality.

What if my child already had vaccinated through orthodox mean?
If you have already chosen to vaccinate your child and wish to continue to do so, constitutional treatment with the use of homeopathic remedies will help the body to recover from ill-effects of the conventional vaccinations over the time.

What if we have part vaccinated and now wish to change to HP programme?
If you have part vaccinated your child, but now wish to change to HP, a modified programme can be individually suggested.

Is there a treatment in homeopathy for adverse reactions (short-term or long-term) of vaccinations?
Yes. If there have been adverse reactions in the past from the vaccinations, homeopathic treatment will definitely be required to repair the damage. As well as this, at the Mind Body Clinic a set protocol is adopted (PACED - Progressive Alleviation of Childhood Ecological Disorders) according to the needs of each individual child. PACED is a treatment method which encompasses the natural, gentle yet dynamic approach to treat the symptoms associated with any childhood disorders, acute or chronic.

PACED therapy for: PVS · Vaccine Damage · Autism · ADHD · Retarded Growth

Are there any needles or syringes used to administer this method?
No. In this method of immunisation only homeopathic remedies called PROPHYLACTICS are used. Remedies are either in the form of tablets, or pilules. Pilulues can be dissolved in a little water if preferred.

Do homeopathic remedies produce antibodies, as is the case with orthodox vaccination?
To date not enough research has been done to settle this point, although the task would be not difficult to undertake. While there have been reports of antibody production as a result of administering homeopathic medicines, there are also reports to the contrary. However, unlike conventional vaccines, THE HOMEOPATHIC ALTERNATIVE DOES NOT RELY ON ANTIBODY FORMATION. The issue of antibody production is therefore a non -essential distraction. (Dr I Golden)

Then, how do homeopathic remedies provide protection?
This question is not simple to answer, especially in terms consistent with orthodox biochemical mechanism. Basically, homeopathic remedies reduce the patient's sensitivity to the dynamic stimulus of the virus or bacteria, thus lessening the patient's predisposition to being overcome by this stimulus.

Can the effect of the homeopathic remedies be measured?
Effectiveness cannot be readily measured using conventional biochemical testing. The effectiveness of homeopathic is measured by results. However, this is no different to the method often used to measure the effectiveness of conventional vaccines. There are several short term studies carried out by different sources to measure the effectiveness of HP programmes. A long term research has been carried out by Dr I Golden, in Australia, to measure the effectiveness of HP programme. In this study it is proved that HP is not only effective for short term, but it is also most appropriate alternative to orthodox vaccination, for long term purposes.

Can a change of diet affect a child's immunity when using homeopathic remedies?
Yes. Diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact on the general health of a child, and an indirect effect on the child's general immunity. As a matter of fact, balanced diet and optimum nutrients are vital for a strong immune system.

How long does the protective effect of homeopathic prophylactics last?
As with vaccines, the length of protection is uncertain. Low potencies (30C) have a brief action over a few weeks, and that high potencies (8M) have potential to last up to ten years.

If I have a break in the programme, does this lessen the effectiveness?
Generally, no. However if only one dose has been taken, protection is less certain than a number of doses have been given.

Is HP homeopathic vaccination?
No. We do not have homeopathic vaccines. The only time the potencies of vaccines should be used is to assist in the treatment of the symptoms of vaccine damage. These remedies are not the most appropriate remedies for preventative purposes. Those people who suggest that the principles of vaccination and homeoprophylaxis are similar are incorrect. They work very differently, and are based on completely different principles (Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis - Dr I Golden).

PACED therapy.

Progressive Alleviation of Childhood Ecological Diseases is a treatment method which encompasses the natural, gentle yet dynamic approach to treat the symptoms associated with any childhood disorders, acute or chronic.

PACED therapy for: PVS · Vaccine Damage · Autism · ADHD · Retarded Growth

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