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Depress Aid.

Homeovitality Depress Aid has been developed to help sufferers of depression. It is designed to target the SLC6A15 gene.

It may be taken on a long term basis or until depression is no longer felt.

What does SLC6A15 do?

For many years, scientists have searched for genes that are involved in depression. Recently, scientists from Germany’s Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry made the exciting discovery that the gene SLC6A15 was linked to depression.

They found that expression of the SLC6A15 gene, which regulates the brain’s excitatory transmitter glutamate, was reduced in depressed people [1]. Therefore, the Homeovitality Depress Aid product was developed to target this important gene in sufferers of depression.


  1. Kohli M A et al., The neuronal transporter gene SLC6A15 confers risk to major depression. Neuron. 2011: 70; 252.

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