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While no system of immunisation can guarantees 100% safety and there are no risk-free choices when deciding about immunisation, a decision has to be made which balances the respective risks of suffering from harm of a particular disease against the risks of harm from a particular immunisation.

Two centuries of medical literature reveals that the homeopathic remedies are effective in epidemic infectious diseases. They may be taken for general immunisation or can be used during season of high risk. Homeopathic immunisation, also known as Homeoprophylaxis, is an alternative way to protect you and your family against childhood and other epidemic diseases. The prophylactics (remedies) do not have to be given by a practitioner; they are safe for you to use yourself.

Dr Isaac Golden:

HP vs Swine Flu vaccine.

PACED therapy.

Progressive Alleviation of Childhood Ecological Diseases is a treatment method which encompasses the natural, gentle yet dynamic approach to treat the symptoms associated with any childhood disorders, acute or chronic.

PACED therapy for: PVS · Vaccine Damage · Autism · ADHD · Retarded Growth

Our HP Programmes.

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